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Medicare’s Competitive Bidding

What Has Changed?

You now must choose 1 of only 18 suppliers who Medicare has selected to furnish diabetic supplies to beneficiaries by mail. If the company you are using now is not one of the 18, you will need to find a new supplier who won a contract to service these items for you.

Why did Medicare Make These Changes?

These changes are intended to replace outdated Medicare prices with lower, more accurate prices. Only qualified, accredited suppliers with winning bids are chosen as Medicare contract suppliers. The program is intended to provide the following:

  • Helps you and Medicare save money

    Competitive bidding forces providers to bid on products they wish to service, at a lower price than what Medicare currently pays. This helps drive both the costs that Medicare pays down, as well as any copays that you may be responsible for.

  • Ensures you have access to your supplies from supplier you can trust

    Competitive bidding has shrunk the number of suppliers available to provide diabetic supplies from over 1000 to only 18. This allows Medicare to make sure that only accredited providers who have the infrastructure and facilities to process your order, are the only ones doing so.

  • Helps limit the abuse in the Medicare program

    Shrinking the amount of suppliers available to process diabetic supplies provides more transparency to both you and Medicare. This helps weed out fraud and saves the program money.

What Do I Need To Do?

Take action now so that you do not receive an interruption in your scheduled 90 day supply of mail order supplies. If your current supplier is not one of the 18 Medicare approved contract winners, they will no longer be able to deliver your supplies any longer.

For more information on these changes, please visit the Medicare website.


Let A1 Help You Get Started

A1 Diabetes has been selected by Medicare to provide diabetic testing supplies by mail. A1 has serviced Medicare patients with diabetic testing supplies for almost 20 years, longer than any other supplier.

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Frequently asked questions

Medicare Diabetes will help you begin the process of securing a provider

Who is A1 Diabetes?

A1 Diabetes is the oldest diabetic supply company in the country, servicing diabetics on Medicare for almost 20 years. A1 is a national mail order contract winner selected by Medicare to provide these services to all 50 states and all US territories.

How long does it take to get my supplies?

By signing up today, you can receive your supplies in as little as 24 hours depending on your location and how long it takes to get your doctor’s approval.

What if I get my supplies at the pharmacy?

You can still get your supplies at the pharmacy as normal, however, A1 Diabetes specializes in diabetic supplies allowing for better education and personal care. A1 will also ship your supplies to your home so that you can avoid extra trips to the pharmacy, as well as long waits.

What if I get my supplies in the mail?

You may be receiving low quality generic brand meters and strips. A1 Diabetes offers almost all major brand names and will upgrade your meter for FREE.

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